Adjust your Headlights

Imagine driving during a dark night. Imagine driving during foggy days. Imagine driving during a torrential downpour. Imagine doing all these without headlights.

Of course, the chances of you doing that would be very slim. This is because driving during those conditions is considered to be very dangerous. In fact, the chances of you meeting an accident would be very great. Remember that dark nights, foggy days, and torrential downpours mean driving with very low visibility. You do not know what is ahead of you on the road.

Headlights help you out during these situations. Headlights are lamps and they are usually found on the front end of the car. Headlights are usually found in pairs. They are found on each side of the front of your car.

It is required, though, that the whole headlight system should be able to produce both a low beam and a high beam. A high beam is actually when the headlight is able to cast most of its glare straight ahead and thus maximizing the distance ahead of you. As per low beams, most of the light that they produce are directed downward. In fact, in the United States, there are standards as per the right angles or the right amount of glares that headlights should have.

With these in mind, it is important then that you do know how to adjust your headlights. This would ensure that you would be able to have headlights that glare and produce light just right. To do that, you should first park your cal on level ground. Your headlights should be about 10 to 15 feet from a wall or from your garage door. And then turn your car’s headlights on.

You should check if the lights are uneven or if they cross. You could do this by looking at the wall or the garage door as your reference point. If they are uneven or if they cross, then you should adjust them through the adjusting screws of your headlights. You can adjust them by using a Phillips screwdriver. Adjust your lights until you are satisfied that they are even and that they are tilted slightly downward.

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